Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reader's Review for HELP

HI! I am Shanti, a regular reader at HELP and I would like to share my views about this place.

About HELP and its services: The environment at HELP library is pleasing and comfortable. I really enjoy coming here and reading this lovely collection of books on health. The staffs of library are very helpful and always meet with smile.

I appreciate Dr. Malpani’s effort to open door of knowledge in the field of health and its problems to the common people and too without any expectations.
Through its services of holding Free Lectures, Talks and Workshops, the library not only helps general public who are keen to learn about their health issues but its also a boon to the upcoming professionals by providing them a platform represent their talents and spread knowledge.

We (all) readers cherish the gift of library for years to come.
I wish successful journey in your endeavor.

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