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HELP TALKS- Mr. H. R. Shenoy on "Reiki natural healing"

This video is a talk conducted by Mr. H. R. Shenoy at HELP on 26th December' 08: topic - "Reiki natural healing"

H R Shenoy, a retired manager from Larsen and Toubro Limited

There is no panacea in the world as yet. However, some tools can help most of the people some times, some people most of the times. Only when the effect of past karmas is so strong that nothing works some times for a few people; you are not one of them.
Reiki – the Usui System of Natural Healing
• Simple to learn, simple to practice (with some miraculous results)
• A touch/distance healing method that helps in relaxation, stress management

Six Steps for a Better Life – Based on the Best of the Lessons from Management Gurus and my own struggles, successes and failures
1. Paradigm shift
2. Vision
3. Mission
4. Action
5. Interaction
6. Self-renewal

Contact Details,
mobile 09324600554,
phone 022-26341280
102 Ivory Heights, 2nd Coss Lane, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West,
Mumbai 400053

Testimonials for HR Shenoy

From the email Testimonials from my colleagues in L&T when I retired in April 2000

From: Aravindakshan (a Tamilian whom I always addressed affectionately as ‘Periyavar’ – here he reciprocates that)

You will always be Periyavar in my life and memory, a hero to be looked up and to follow.

From: Paromita (whom I had the privilege of being a ‘father’ figure in the hour of her need)

I have learnt to take all things positively be it failure or success. I owe this to you. Thank you for this.

From Pervez Purkar (whom I had helped to get a transfer to my department – he deserved it of course; no favour done)

Dear Mr Shenoy:

I have known you as a man of principles and I continue to carry the image with me. I have lot of respect for you.

I would never forget your words “Are you willing to learn?”

From Suresh Todkar (an unassuming colleague with whom I had the privilege of conducting TQM Awareness programmes)

You are always a source of inspiration for me. I can never forget the moral support and confidence you gave me throughout my TQM journey.

It was great being together for 27 years and I hope it continues outside these four walls of L&T.

From RK Gupta

You had been master and resource of learning for youngsters.

You have a personality worth imbibing and praise.

The zeal you have to serve the society now by Reiki is just great.

In my opinion, individuals like you are rare in this world.

From Omkar Rao (one of the participants in the TQM Awareness program conducted by my Team)

I can still remember the way you had helped a colleague of ours – one Mr Gajendra – who went down with cold.

You impressed me as a person who was in control of himself and who had found a lot of peace within himself.

From HK Verma (one of my colleagues)

I shall always cherish the long association with you and the amount of knowledge and timely help you gave me from time to time. I had the opportunity to learn from you on several occasions.

You are taking with you the vast knowledge bank and I am sure you will continue to use and guide many more in the years to come.

A word about my training skills

For the last 10 years of my working life, though I was working as an IT professional, I conducted many training programs in subjects like Joy of Working, Total Quality Management etc.
After retirement in 2000, apart from these programs, I conducted programs in Reiki, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Once I was conducting a training program for a 30 year old woman and a college student. The student's mother was an observer. At some stage, she said, “You are not a bad teacher.” A stunned me asked her “Why did you say that?”. She said “This woman is not practicing what you taught her. I thought you are a poor teacher.
I also conducted the program once alone for a group of social workers and trade union leaders, thanks to my young friend Vidyadhar, a student of MSW at that time. It was a full day session, the last minute instruction being to do it predominantly in Hindi.
The organizer (I do not remember his name), who sat through the 7 hour session, said “I have always heard of TQM in the context of cost, profit, inventory, etc and no mention about the people. And for the whole day, I have heard Shenoy talking of only people, people and people. Yes. It is we who make the difference.”
And this program had started with a stunning question from a middle aged trade union leader about an hour after the start: “Isn't TQM for the benefit of the management?”.
After a bit of pause, I said “Yes. I am, however, writing this question on the board. Let us also try to find an answer at the end of the program.”
The most heartening summation even before the Programme ended came from a participant “TQM is for our benefit.” He was a trade union leader too. I was fairly embarrassed by this person's eulogy as he continued his praise for some minutes – he must have been around 70, a father figure.
I am not a bad teacher after all.

Reiki is a Japanese word. Re = ‘Universal’. Ki = ‘Life Force Energy’ (pranashakti as we know in Yoga). It is also known as ‘Usui System of Natural Healing’, named after Dr Mikao Usui, the Japanese who rediscovered this ancient healing system, rooted in Budhism and formulated his own practice.

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