Monday, December 29, 2008

HELP Review

Attending to the visitors at HELP is a lovely and exciting job to do. We receive many people here who come looking for solutions to their health problems.

Three months back a young gentleman in his late 20s named Sunil visited HELP just to know what this place was about. Sunil came to my desk and said; “I have a problem, my younger brother who completed his graduation four years back does not remember anything about his educational knowledge that he had acquired in past. He does not even remember of what course or degree he had taken up as his career. I am very concerned for him and we have been consulting Doctors as well in order to cure him but along with the medical treatment I also want to that in what other ways I and my family can help him to overcome this situation.”

Sunil looked quite tensed and worried. But he had come to the right place. At HELP, we have all the possible information available on health its problems. We have books and other reference materials specially for educating patients about their health issues and also various information of how to overcome them. As I said earlier Sunil had come to the right place, he was able to know many aspects of what his brother was going through and how he can help him to cope with his problem.

According to Sunil; “HELP is a real good service to society.”

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