Monday, December 1, 2008

HELP Review

HELP : I was sitting at my desk trying to solve a reader’s query suddenly I noticed a lady in her mid 40s stood looking into the library which could be visible through the glass. She looked very depressed and pathetic. After standing outside the library she walked in. Looking at her realized she needed help and hence I asked her, “May I help you?” She said, “Yes, sure if you could.”

As per my duty I took her around the library and asked her few questions as to know what exactly she was looking for. After going through some sections she asked “Do you have self help books for mentally challenged children?” Now there she was. She couldn’t afford expensive medications and was hunting for someone who could counsel her son in this regard. This was a right place for her where she discovered a dozen books on self help, psychology and depression. Now she was well equipped and well informed and in a better position to face the odds, which a psychiatrist on the other hand could have manipulated her financially.

She left the place contented and with a positive attitude. That visit wasn’t her last visit instead she has become a regular visitor at HELP but now with a lovely smile on her face.

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