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HELP TALKS - Mr.Arvind Bhatt on 'Feng Shui for Good Health'

This video is a talk conducted by Mr.Arvind Bhatt at HELP on 29th May'10: topic - "Feng Shui for Good Health"

Mr.Arvind Bhatt is a corporate trainer and can be contacted at 98196 62088.

Health Tip Of The Day

.After Swimming In Chlorinated water. Take a Shower to remove Traces of the chemical from your hair and skin.

HELP TALKS - Mr.Umesh Soman on 'NLP & Self-Motivation'

This video is a talk conducted by Mr.Umesh Soman at HELP on 27th May'10: topic - "NLP & Self-Motivation"

Mr.Umesh Soman is a corporate trainer and can be contacted at

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Health Tip Of The Day

Research suggests that calcium, which we’ve always known is good for the bones, may also help lower your cholesterol level.

Friday, May 28, 2010

HELP TALKS - Dr.Abhijit Redij on 'Stress Management with Yoga-I'

This video is a Workshop conducted by Dr.Abhijit Redij at HELP on 26th May '10 : Topic - 'Stress Management with Yoga-I'

Dr.Abhijit Redij can be contacted at 98694 36203

Health Tip Of The Day

Wearing high heels for eight hours can put an unnatural strain on your back and neck.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wiki Ways - Health Education Library For People

Wiki ways

An internship at Harvard Medical School back in the 1980s provided the inspiration for in-vitro fertilisation specialists Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani to set up a library in Mumbai in 1997, solely dedicated to a range of health and wellness titles. While some of the books from the collection, which is updated once in two months on average, are available online, the doctors are now expanding their reach further by creating a health wiki, where they ask both medical professionals and patients to share reference material, case studies and even survivor stories. In an email interview, Aniruddha explained to Arati Rao why he thinks the idea of “patient education” is something Indians will latch on to.
What made you start a health library?
When I went to the US as an intern in Harvard Medical School, I was very impressed by the amount of educational material available for patients. Often, patients knew more about their medical problem than the doctor did – and this was quite an eye-opener. We set up Malpani Infertility Clinic in 1990 and started collecting educational material for a free library at my parents’ clinic at Om Chambers [in Kemps Corner, Mumbai] in 1997. We now have over 10,000 books at the Health Education Library for People. I buy new books all the time, so we renew our collection by weeding out old books and replacing them with new titles.
What made you decide to take the library online?
When the internet first came to India, we used it primarily to acquire information for our readers. We realised there was very little India-specific information available on the net, and decided to correct this problem by creating our own website, We are also working on developing educational materials in Indian languages for the web at
With so much information now available on the internet and health publications, what advice would you give to people who are prone to self-diagnosis?
I think we all do this – whether or not we explicitly realise it. You are the one who has to decide whether your headache is severe enough that you need you to go to a doctor, or if it’s something you can handle on your own. By acquiring authentic information, you can make these decisions in a much more intelligent way.
Do you think hospitals, especially some of the bigger ones that can afford it, should have a library or some kind of reading room?
Yes, I feel all hospitals should have their own patient education resource centre. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Each patient who is admitted in a hospital has lots of queries about his treatment, as do his relatives. Sometimes doctors are too busy to answer them, which creates a lot of unhappiness and resentment, especially when a complication occurs. A busy doctor can refer the patient to the library with an information prescription, where a nurse or librarian can help them find answers to their questions. This saves the doctor’s time – and improves the quality of care as well. A patient education library can also help to solve the commonest complaint patients have about doctors – that they make them wait. Instead of just waiting aimlessly, patients can read books and brochures at the library to help them learn more about their problem, so they can make better use of the doctor’s time. For instance, Mayo Clinic in the US [in Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona] has an entire building devoted to patient education – and the American body Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations insists that the accredited hospital document the fact that their patients have been educated.
Alternative medicine therapists also contribute to the Experts’ Panel section on the website. Wouldn’t disseminating information about more proven systems of medicine be more important?
We try not to censor information. Just because I am an allopathic physician does not mean that I believe that western medicine has all the answers. Our approach is to provide information and treat each person as being intelligent enough so they can select what works best for them.
Visit and

Source : Time Out Bengaluru ISSUE 22 Friday, May 14, 2010

HELP TALKS - Mr.Sham Kodilkar on 'Art Therapy for Schizophrenia'

This video is a Workshop conducted by Mr.Shaam Kodilkar at HELP on 25th May '10 : Topic - "Art Therapy for Schizophrenia"

Mr.Shaam Kodilkar can contacted at 98695 65439.

The Oxford Book of Healthy Foods – Book review

The Oxford Book of Healthy Foods – Book review

The Oxford Book of Healthy Foods provides valuable information on the science behind herbal medicines and nutrition. Ranging from fruits, nuts and cereals to vitamin supplements and natural herbal remedies such as Echinacea, St. John’s wort, and kava. It is a comprehensive guide to an array of health foods available today. It explains their role in our diet and the potential benefits to our well being, and examines the claims about each, those which are supported by scientific evidence. Beautifully illustrated with botanical drawings, this is a unique reference work for everyone with an interest in healthy foods, healthy eating and the scientific facts behind it all.

Author: J. G. Vaughan & P.A. Judd

Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc.

Date of Publishing: 2003

No. Of Pages: 188

"Visit Help Library today, and make a difference to your own health as well as that of your community...”

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HELP TALKS - Ms.Suchitra Pareekh on "Patanjali Yoga-Kriya Yoga Part 8"

This Video is a Workshop conducted by Ms.Suchitra Pareekh at HELP on 24th May '10 : Topic "Patanjali Yoga-Kriya Yoga Part 8".

Ms.Suchitra Pareekh can be contacted at 98196 18857.

HealthTip Of The Day

When you’re feeling stressed out, concentrate on dropping your shoulders to release tension

HELP TALKS - Mrs.Homai Munsif on "Self Hypnosis to Remove Fear, Phobias and Nervous Tension"

This video is a Workshop conducted by Mrs.Homai Munsif at HELP on 22nd May' 10 : Topic - "Self Hypnosis to Remove Fear, Phobias and Nervous Tension"

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Before You Call the Doctor

Before You Call the Doctor – Book Review

This book is a guide providing safe self – care for over 300 common medical problems. It is a must for those interested in taking charge of their own health. It covers the essentials of home care for hundreds of ailments, from serious illness such as heart failure and emphysema to everyday maladies such as colds and constipation. Each entry explains the disorder, lists the effective at – home treatments, identifies when you should see your doctor and highlights those sign and symptoms that warrant immediate professional treatment. It also covers first aid for common medical emergencies, seven keys to optimal health, men’s and women’s health issues, how to stock your medical cabinet, maintain a family health record and much more. Before You Call the Doctor helps you to be an informed participant in your own medical well being instead of being a passive consumer.

Author: Anne Simons

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Date of Publishing: 1992

No. Of Pages: 688

“Visit Help Library today, and make a difference to your own health as well as that of your community...”

HELP TALKS - Ms.Shilpi Kapoor on 'Inclusive Libraries – Making Libraries Disabled Friendly'

This video is a Talk conducted by Ms.Shilpi Kapoor at HELP on 22nd May' 10 : Topic - "Inclusive Libraries – Making Libraries Disabled Friendly"

Ms.Shilpi Kapoor can be contacted at

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HELP TALKS - Dr.Sonal Motta on 'Back Pain - A Modern Approach'

This video is a Talk conducted by Dr.Sonal Motta at HELP on 21st May' 10 : Topic - "Back Pain - A Modern Approach"

Dr.Sonal Motta can be contacted at 9930099110

Book Review - The Purification Plan

The Purification Plan – Book Review
This book offers an exclusive 7 – day program to a less toxic lifestyle. It provides information on nutritious foods, essential herbal and nutritional supplements, gentle exercises, stress reduction techniques and in home spa treatments – all with proven detoxifying benefits. This program can also be customized with targeted strategies for specific health concerns including overweight, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, migraines and allergies.

Publisher: Rodale Health Books
Date of Publishing: 2005
No. of Pages: 436
"Visit Help Library today, and make a difference to your own health as well as that of your community...”

Health Tip of The Day

When standing keep your weight evenly distributed over both your legs. letting of one of your hips absorb most of your body’s weight may cause harmful spinal curvature.

HELP TALKS - Dr.Ravindra Kapadia on 'Energy Remedy'

This video is a talk conducted by Dr.Ravindra Kapadia at HELP on 20th May 10 : topic - "Energy Remedy"

Dr.Ravindra Kapadia and can be contacted at, and 9820227924

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Inclusive Libraries: Making Libraries Disabled Friendly

Inclusive Libraries: Making Libraries Disabled Friendly - by Ms.Shilpi Kapoor, Founder - Barrier Break Technologies This workshop was held at Health Education Library for People on 22nd May, 2010.

The workshop was attended by librarians from Mumbai. Some of the eminent librarians who attended included Mrs.Kolekar, Chief Medical Librarian, Mr.Dusankar from Wizdoms Libraries and Librarians from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Librarian from Wilson College.

Highlights of the Workshop:

People with disabilities prefer that you focus on their abilities, not their disabilities. Shilpi gave us tips on interacting with persons with disabilities: treat people with disabilities with the same respect and consideration that you have for everyone else; use a normal voice when extending a verbal welcome; do not leave persons with disabilities out of a conversation or activity because you feel uncomfortable or fear that they will feel uncomfortable; do not automatically give assistance; be sensitive about the setting.

Persons with disabilities should also have access to both that is physical libraries as well as digital libraries. By making libraries accessible and inclusive, we will not only address the needs of the low vision to blind people, people faced with hearing challenges and physical challenges, but can also address the needs of people with cognitive disabilities and also the elderly.

Making a library accessible is a three-pronged approach:
1. Access to Resources of the Library
2. Physical Access to the Library
3. Service and Communication.

Some basic components that may require consideration are:
Parking and Accessible Pathway
Internal Circulation
Accessible Furniture
Circulation and Information Desks
Emergency Evacuation

Alternate Formats:
i. Braille
ii.Large print
iii. Digital Talking book - available in 3 formats i) Audio with NCX ii) Audio and full text iii) Text and no audio.
To convert a book to DTBook, we can use open source tools like Save as Daisy by Microsoft; Daisy pipline, and obi by DAISY Consortium and Easy Reader from Dolphin are most popular software players.

With the Right to Education Bill in India clearly mentioning persons with disabilities, why shouldn't our libraries be starting points to help our disabled people reach their goals.

HELP TALKS - Dr.Rohit Bartake on 'Mind, Body and Medicine'

This video is a talk conducted by Dr. Rohit Bartake at HELP on 19th May' 10 : topic - "Mind, Body and Medicine"

Dr.Rohit Bartake is an Ayurvedacharya and can be contacted at and 98196 89024

HELP TALKS - Mr.Saradindu Chanda on 'Meditation and Healthy Living'

This video is a talk conducted by Mr.Saradindu Chanda at HELP on 18th May' 10 on 'Meditation and Healthy Living'

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HELP TALKS - Mr.Shrish Awadhani on 'Neurobics-Keep Your Brain Young'

This video is a talk conducted by Mr.Shirish Awadhani at HELP on 17th May' 10 on 'Neurobics-Keep Your Brain Young'

He can be contacted at

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HELP TALKS - Ms.Vatsala Rao on 'Fun with Yoga for Sr.Citizens'

This video is a talk conducted by Ms.Vatsala Rao at HELP on 15th May' 10 on 'Fun with Yoga for Sr.Citizens'

She can be contacted at

HELP TALKS - Mr.Mehernosh Chhapkhanawalla on 'Optimal Health-conquering Lifestyle diseases'

This video is a talk conducted by Mr.Mehernosh Chhapkhanawalla at HELP on 14th May' 10 on 'Optimal Health-conquering Lifestyle diseases'

He can be contacted at

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HELP TALKS - Ms.Rajni Agarwal on 'Anger Management'

This video is a workshop conducted by Ms.Rajni Agarwal at HELP on 13th May' 10 on 'Anger Management'

She can be contacted at

Health Tip Of The Day

If you use a razor with blades, replace them regularly. New blades are less likely to irritate your face or lags.

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HELP TALKS:Dr.R.C Shah on "Self development for higher achievement in Life"

This video is a Talk Conducted by Dr.R.C Shah at HELP on 12th May '10 : Topic "Self development for higher achievement in Lif". Dr. Dr.R.C Shah can be contacted: 9769082137

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Health Tip Of The Day

If jogging a mile intimidates you, try walking a mile instead You burn the same amount of calories- it just takes longer.

HELP TALKS: Dr Chaitali Bhide on "Slip Disc And spondlitis "

This video is a Talk Conducted by Dr. Chaitali Bhide at HELP on 11th May '10 : Topic "Slip Disc And spondlitis ". Dr. Chaitali Bhide can be contacted: 9773188485

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Free HELP Talks


SCHEDULE FOR : 3rd MAY – 15th May 2010

To register call: 65952393/ 94, 22061101, 22031133

Date Speaker Topic


3rd May




Self Awareness in Interpersonal Behaviour

Tues -

4th May




Back Pain – A Modern Approach

Wed –

5th May




Stress Management in Children

Thurs –

6th May


Ms.Brinda Jaising

Understanding Your Personality

Fri –

7th May




Human Body & Vaastu Shastra

Sat –

8th May



Hypnosis in day to day life


10th May



Sufi Dynamic Meditations for Healing, Happiness and Protection


11th May




Slip disc and Spondilitis

Wed –

12th May



Self Development for Higher Achievement in Life

Thurs –

13th May




Anger Management

Fri –

14th May


Mr.Mehernosh Chhapkhanawalla

Optimal Health – Conquering Lifestyle Diseases

Sat –

15th May




Fun With Yoga for Senior Citizens

Library will remain closed on Saturday, 1st May 2010

To register call: 65952393/ 94, 22061101, 22031133

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