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Short HELP TALK - Understanding Diseases by Rob van Overbruggen

Understanding Diseases: You will remove all fear of diseases because you start understanding the true message behind any symptom and that's such a liberating feeling!

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Book Review: Healing Psyche - How the Mind Influences Cancer

This is a short HELP Talk held at Health Education Library for People (HELP)

Rob van Overbruggen PhD, speaks about his book Healing Psyche in a series of 4 short talks. This video is an introduction followed by 3 short talks.

This book can save your life !
The basic premises of what you can do to actually work with your mind - and in all my research during the last 12 years- there are 3 main killers that you need to be aware of - 
1. Whenever you have a serious disease or diagnosis the most importantant part is to take control. You decide what you're going to do. You're in charge. Take Responsibility.

2. You need to have a goal in life - Why do you want to live ? What's your life's mission ?

3. Work with your emotions and let go of your emotions.

For more information visit Rob's website: or email him :

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