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HELP - The Health Literacy Hero for June 2013

We are proud to reproduce an extract from Helen Osborne’s Newsletter:


HL Hero

The Health Literacy Hero for June 2013 is HELP (Health Education Library for People) based in Mumbai, India. Founded as a modest-sized patient education resource center in 1997 by Drs. Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani, HELP is now India's largest patient education center--housing thousands of books, pamphlets,health care magazines, and audiovisuals on all aspects of health and disease.  

HELP offers free public seminars in Mumbai nearly every day. HELP also provides an online resource center where users worldwide can ask health questions and search its vast medical knowledge base. Anjoo Chandiramani and her staff of librarians maintain the HELP collection. Here's the link,  

HELP is just one of many worldwide efforts to improve health understanding. Please 
email me with your suggestions about other individuals, teams, coalitions, or organizations to honor as Health Literacy Heroes.

Read the complete newsletter at :

Helen Osborne, M.Ed., OTR/L
Producer & Host of Health Literacy Out Loud

Helen Osborne knows how hard it can be to understand health information. As an occupational therapist, she treated many patients with limited literacy or language skills. As an educator, she is well aware of people’s varied learning needs and styles. And as a patient, Helen knows how very hard it is to listen and remember when feeling scared, sick, or overwhelmed. Now as a health literacy consultant, Helen is working to make a difference.
Helen speaks, writes, and consults about health literacy. She is president of Health Literacy Consulting and founder of Health Literacy Month. Helen presents at conferences across the US and Canada. She also serves as plain language writer and editor on a wide variety of projects. In fact, two of these just won “gold” plain language awards from the National Institute for Health.
Now in her tenth year, Helen is a columnist for the Boston Globe Media’s On Call magazine. She is also author of several books including the award-winning Health Literacy from A-Z. And in keeping with today’s trends and technology, Helen just launched the podcast series, Health Literacy Out Loud.
Whether in-person, in print, or by podcast — Helen lets the world know why health literacy matters!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

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