Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Microalbuminuria - A Patient's Story

Today HELP Library had the privilege of meeting one of its newest patrons. Mr.Shirish Awadhani, a retired Biology teacher from Pune’s popular Wadia College. Mr.Awadhani stumbled up HELP one of his frequent trips from Pune to Mumbai and decided to check us out. He was amazed to find the quality of our collection of books. He said that he has come across several libraries around the globe, but this collection and the ‘international quality of service’ just stumped him.
But this is not what I intend to blog about. Its about Mr.Awadhani himself.

Mr.Awadhani suffers from Microalbuminuria – secondary complication affecting those suffering from Diabetes over a prolonged period of time. It is a ‘complication or a disease affecting the kidneys’ he said. On interacting further with him it was obvious that he is a man of grit.

Mr.Awadhani says that he has found a way – mainly through lifestyle changes and a change in one’s attitude and more importantly through Information therapy to accept and cope with his disease. According to him, being better informed about one’s disease – even life threatening ones gives helps one to extend his/her life by year or two ! It means a lot to patients and their families who are on the verge of giving up hope completely. He says that recovery depends a lot on good consultation and counseling you get from your doctor. Any disease is a product of our habits eg. Contracting diabetes depends not only on our genes, but, in present times largely on our habits and lifestyle. Mr.Awadhani wants to help the general public by sharing his views and thoughts and by starting a support group for diabetics. You are most welcome Mr.Awadhani.

We now look forward to interacting with Mr.Shirish Awadhani at HELP when he will talk on “A Patient’s Story – How to Manage Diabetes and Keep Secondary Complications Away” on 8th January, 2009.

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