Monday, July 14, 2008

Wondering why everybody is turning to Meditation nowadays..! Find out at HELP

There is no wonder that in today's fast paced Life, everybody is looking for ways to find meaning and more so connect with their inner self. Beneath the rush for Fame, Success and Money, is a deep wanting to find the purpose for your Life, and a way to connect to the Almighty, for Peace of Mind. Meditation is the answer to all these questions, and not only that, it has been proven to be an effective de-stress alternative and very useful for those having psychological problems like stress, anxiety and even high Blood pressure. Meditation also is known to help improve concentration and Memory. We at HELP recognize these varied benefits of Meditation which is why we organize workshops on Meditation conducted by Mr. Nitin Jain on the various types of Meditation like Meditation on the sound of OM, Meditation on the Anahat (Heart) Chakra and so on at HELP.
Drop in for a workshop to experience the effect of Meditation and you are sure to get hooked on and keep coming back again..

Take a look at a clip of the workshop below-

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