Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Manhood after 50? An encouraging look at Male menopause..

There are times I do think women are luckier than men. Only because it is perfectly natural for a woman to have problems and be vocal about it, but men have to face it all with an iron face. Which is why, so much been discussed about female Menopause, and hot flushes and so on, but I'm sure, very few are aware that there is an equivalent condition called Male Menopause.
This is why Sexologist Dr. Anand Jhawar tried to throw some light on the myths and facts of the male menopause and how could you deal with the changes as age progressed.
Right from why and how to explain it to your spouse, to using Viagra, a lot of important medically correct information was distributed to all those who attended. Most importantly, understanding that it is a natural phenomenon due to the aging process and hormonal disturbances, and not a deliberate loss of interest was the point he tried to deliver. Also, with counseling and the help of safe medication, older couples too can make the best of their golden years together.. was the moral of the discussion.

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