Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dr. Palgharwala explains Neuro Linguistic Programming at HELP

11th June witnessed a very interesting lecture, we discovered a new form of treatment- Neuro Linguistic Programming : NLP , which has been fast gaining importance as complementing Psychotherapy for Psychological problems in their Life. Dr. Fatema Palgharwala conducted this talk, at HELP, and it was a complete success, we plan to have ,many more in the future, we would also love to welcome any more professionals who are reading this, to conduct lectures on this topic at the center. Also if you know of somebody, who can talk on the topic, please do get in touch with us by just dropping us an email at and we will surely get back to you..Keep checking our website for the forthcoming events so can know of interesting workshops and seminars that you can attend and make use of..! You can also check the Listings in Mumbai Mirror and Bombay Times to know what talk is happening next under the name of Nalanda@Help
This is a still from the talk.. You can even view a clip of the video taken during the talk.. Please click on the url given below to view the video :

Do let us know what you thought of the topic and any other interesting topics you would like to have talks on at the center.

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