Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CALMSUTRA : Now you don't even need the Bedroom, do it in your Boardroom !

Well..That's because Calmsutra is the art of "Relaxation"..! One of the most brilliant talks ever conducted at the center, this was a roaring success with a packed lecture hall rolling in splits with the man with an eclectic wit and sense of humor, while renowned for - not just his "Mikaholism" but his accolades as An - "Orthopedic Surgeon".. The speaker was Dr. Dilip Nadkarni..
What started with poking at the commonest lame causes of inflated stress levels especially in the fast paced life like Mumbai, Dr. Nadkarni then explained so many quick fix solutions to these everyday problems, this talk really made stress look so insignificant that at least for the 2 hours that people were laughing their hearts out over his jokes, they could really put their real life problems behind, and enjoy themselves without any guilt.
In fact, when the busiest of Doctors can just shake off their worries like Dr. Nadkarni taught us, I think this talk goes a long way in teaching us what is the best way to live your life, Think and live in the present, change what you can and forget what you can't, life will take it's own course anyway..
Dr. Nadkarni has also written a superb book on the same, which is available for reading in our library at the center..

Want to view the video for this talk, just click play !

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