Thursday, July 17, 2008

48 years with Diabetes and still Rocking.! Meet Mr. Jagdish Gandhi..! Our 1st Patient Speaker at HELP

We have heard so many doctors speak on Diabetes, as a disease, it's medications as treatment and so on, but we have gone out of our way to find one such unique individual who taught us what Diabetes was as an "Experience".! Our very special speaker on the 27th of June was none other than a Patient himself..Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, who has been battling this disease for the last 48 years, from being diagnosed as a Juvenile Diabetic at the age of 20, he has come a long way with daily Insulin Injections, to a record of more than 62,000 till date.! This was a very special talk not only to tell people what Diabetes is all about, but to give them the courage and the encouragement that it is in fact a lifelong alteration and adoption of a new lifestyle, is how you can cope up and live, rather emerge triumphant in the battle against the dreaded disease like Mr. Gandhi did..!

Want to view the video for this talk, just click play !

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