Monday, July 14, 2008

Time to thank your Kidneys.! Urologist Dr. Dilip Raja tells you why at HELP

On the 20th of June, we touched up on a very Important but unfortunately overlooked topic of Kidney Disorders. Dr. Dilip Raja, renowned urologist gave a wonderful talk that indeed opened our eyes towards the precious function our Kidneys silently performed in the body, and the dangerous consequences of Kidney diseases which are so well known to remain silent till the very end, when the problem is quite advanced. Dr. Raja told us many key warning symptoms that could help early diagnosis and better treatment of these problems, the importance of routinely checking Kidney function tests,especially in Diabetics, kidney stones and newer advances in treatment and so on..
We will definitely have him again to tell us in detail about more specific conditions like chronic renal failure, and Kidney transplant.
Do keep a track of the upcoming talks on our website and also check the Bombay Times and Mumbai Mirror for their listings to know when the next lecture is coming up..

Check out a clip of the video below-

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