Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Power of Music to Heal..! Mr. Vivek Joshi demonstrates at HELP

We have heard of Music being very effective in relaxing you after a long day, and even helping you as a stress buster..This very property of music is being studied for it's Healing properties for patients of chronic illnesses, Psychiatric disorders, etc. Encouraging this form of therapy, HELP organizes workshops on Music Therapy, by Mr. Vivek Joshi, who mesmerizes the audience with the harmonious sound of the Sarod.
You must attend this workshop to forget your stress and worries and also learn how you can use soft Music as a quick and easy to use Therapy to your common problems..This is a still from the workshop.. You can even view a clip of the video taken during the talk.. Please click on the URL given below to view the video :

Keep checking our website for the forthcoming events so can know of interesting workshops and seminars that you can attend and make use of..! You can also check the Listings in Mumbai Mirror and Bombay Times to know what talk is happening next under the name of Nalanda@Help..

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