Monday, July 14, 2008

Actor ban gaya Doctor..! "Abhinay Yoga" an all new form of Healing discovered by Actor Lalit Parimoo

We now have started a series of a very innovative form of therapy called "Abhinaya Yoga" conducted by renowned TV actor Mr. Lalit Parimoo, most known for his roles in Kora kagaz and Shaktimaan.. This workshop has been an instant hit and we have had people splitting sides with laughter as he makes all the members in the audience enact a scene out of their own real life stories..! Beneath this enjoyment is actually a very effective form of stress relief and release of deeply buried and pent up emotions people have in their lives, which they never thought they would express in front of strangers and feel so much better after that..! You must attend one to experience the effect it has on people..!

View a clip of the workshop below-

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