Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't get Married..! Before you attend Dr. Dave's talk that is..!

On the 14th June, we discovered that everybody needs serious Pre- Marital counseling here, at least that is what was apparent after the huge success of Dr. Uttam Dave's talk on " How to Select a Marriage Partner" had people coax us to repeat the lecture on another Saturday, so they could get more friends and youngsters who would definitely benefit out of this seminar. This seminar was also covered by reporters in 2 leading newspapers, on the next 2 days, following which we had to repeat this lecture.. For all those who haven't managed to attend it in the first time, the repeat lecture is scheduled on the 12th of July at 4.30pm..A must visit for every prospective couple to be.. or even singles on the lookout for the Right Person in their life, Dr. Dave, throws light on some very important issues that need to be considered before you decide to spend your life with a new individual..You can even view a clip of the video taken during the talk.. Please click on the URL given below to view the video :

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Want to view the video for this talk, just click play !

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