Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is the real young India.! -Smart,Suave young students told us why they chose an NGO over the comforts of a corporate .!

For all those who think that the Gen X is getting more materialistic and doesn't want to give back to the community, you should check out these group of students who came to visit HELP the other day. When we were intimated by their Guide( another lovely lady herself) that we would be having a small group of students from Nirmala Niketan College, we thought there would be some meek, bunch of 4-5 youngsters trying their hand at doing small bits of social work, to just come at the center. But, there was something else in store for us..
That morning, even before the shutters were completely up at the center, we saw a group of 20 somethings chatting over their cellphones, dressed in Hip Jackets and Capri's waiting outside the center. We didn't even ask them thinking they must be friends waiting to go for a coffee or a day out at the movies..Only when their Guide walked in a few minutes, did we realize that these were none other than students pursuing Masters in Social Work.! After having Graduated from varied fields whether a science student or an aspiring Singer! these were the people who were here to get hands on to bring about the change they wanted to see in their country.. We had a great time with them, showing them the mechanisms of our Organization, our contribution to try and make a difference to society and we were so happy to get the enormous positive feedback they gave us..! Indeed it is youngsters like these who make us feel that our efforts are worth their worth in gold..When this generation joins in the revolution, a new India will be born in the truest sense of the term..

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