Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Useful criteria to consider while selecting a doctor

Useful criteria to consider while selecting a doctor are as follows:

* Is the location of the doctor's clinic important? (In other words, How far do I have to travel to see the doctor? Is it

convenient for me? Is there parking space?)
* Is the hospital to which the doctor admits patients important to me?
* Are factors such as the age, sex, race, and religion of the doctor important?
* Do I prefer a solo consultation or a group practice?
* Do I have to choose a doctor who is covered by my insurance plan?
* Is the doctor duly qualified and in which field? For example, a patient with a heart problem may prefer to see a

cardiologist, rather than a general physician.
* What days/hours does the doctor see patients? Are the timings convenient to me?
* Does the doctor ever make house calls?
* How much in advance do I have to make appointments?
* What is the length of an average visit?
* In case of an emergency, how fast can I see the doctor?
* Who takes care of patients after hours or when the doctor is away?
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