Friday, February 25, 2011

Searching a Specialist

The best way of beginning the search is by asking your doctor. To start with, your doctor knows you and your situation better than any other physician, also since most doctors are aware of the accomplishments of "super-specialists" who practice at large university hospitals or research based facilities, your doctor can help you identify there experts. If you can find a book relating to your problem, then the author (if he is a doctor) is likely to be a good choice. The other option is to find the name of a doctor or the head of a clinic or department which is actively publishing their medical research in this field (you can easily do this by doing a Medline search). This doctor (or the head of the clinic) is likely to be an authority in the subject, and will be well-informed of the latest advances in the field. Many patients naively assume that all they need to do to get good medical care is to make a beeline for the west. However, do not automatically assume that just because you go to the USA, the UK or Germany, you will find a competent doctor - you need to do your homework thoroughly before making the trip!

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