Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Attributes of a Perfect Doctor

At this stage, one may well pose the question: what are the attributes of a perfect doctor? In my opinion, a perfect doctor is one who:

* is respectful and treats you with dignity;
* makes you feel welcome;
* treats more than the symptoms;
* recognizes the expertise of the patient;
* listens to you, explains the relevant facts, asks you questions and answers your questions;
* makes home visits if you require them, or arranges for another doctor to visit you after hours;
* uses pictures and diagrams to explain complex medical terms;
* explains everything, including diagnosis, procedures, treatment and what you can expect in the future;
* is easy to talk to and gives you clear - cut information;
* is open to discussion about alternative systems and is willing to refer you to say, a natural therapist;
* is interested in you, is down-to-earth and treats you as an equal;
* prescribes medication that you can afford;
* fits you in if you are really sick despite a tight schedule ;
* is up-to-date with the relevant information;
* refers to various sources (e.g., books, journals, internet )to clarify information;
* refers you to an appropriate specialist when required;
* refers you to other support services or self-help groups;
* phones back when additional information or tests results are obtained; and
* gives adequate consultation time.

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