Monday, February 28, 2011

Changing your Doctor

Changing doctors is never easy, because, over a period of time you do build up a personal relationship with your doctor. However, you should consider changing doctors if you strongly feel that:

* the doctor is incompetent (i.e. he has ignored obvious symptoms, missed a diagnosis, prescribed the wrong drug, or can't get to the bottom of your problem);
* the doctor does not communicate with you effectively ( i.e., his explanations are not in lay person's language or no time is given to you to ask questions and bring up related problems);
* the doctor does not pay attention to your needs and concern
* you have lost confidence in the doctor's skill and ability.
* you find the doctor is too inconsiderate ( i.e., he makes you wait a long time for an appointment, he fails to return your phone calls, he does not provide clinic time during evening or weekend hours ); and
* your doctor is too expensive.

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