Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Make Your Doctor’s Receptionist Think You’re Terrific

If you're well organized and well prepared when you phone or visit your doctor's clinic, you'll win the respect and appreciation of the receptionist, which will make him that much more helpful in helping you get the best medical care. For example, when you telephone with regard to a medical problem, the following guidelines can be very useful:

1. Introduce yourself. State briefly (in one sentence) why you're calling. ('I've had fever of 101° for three days and I was wondering if there's something else I should be doing about it apart from taking Crocin). If you don't think your problem is serious enough to merit a visit to the doctor, say so.
2. Be prepared to answer the following questions (use prepared notes!): · What are the specific symptoms? · When (what day/what time) did the symptoms start? · What have you done for relief, if anything? (Refer to notes for names of any prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication you may have taken). · What is the main cause of your anxiety? How would you like to be helped?
3. Keep a pencil or pen and paper handy to take notes.

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