Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HELP & Patient Safety - ICHA

“When we are ill, we want to know that we have a doctor whose technical knowledge and skills we can be sure of, on whose honesty we can rely and who will treat us empathetically with the respect and courtesy to which we are entitled. We need to be sure that the hospital or primary care team to which our doctor belongs works effectively and safely, so we can be assured that we are getting good quality care. And we need good access to care.” So stated Sir Donald Irvine – President GMC in 2003.

It is easy to identify with the above through our experiences with healthcare. However, Healthcare today evokes highly emotional responses from all. Everybody feels the crying need for improvement. Healthcare has become complex, costly & risky. The drastic improvement in healthcare is what everybody needs & wants and yet few are willing to do something about it. These issues can be addressed, but not on an individual or piecemeal basis. It is a systemic issue and needs redressal as such.

It needs everybody’s involvement – YOUR INVOLVEMENT. To make it happen – be a part of it.

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