Saturday, June 25, 2011

HELP TALKS - Mr.R.C Shah on Self Healing Through Mudra Therapy

This video is a talk by Dr.R.C Shah at HELP on 22nd June, 11. Topic "Self Healing Through Mudra Therapy - III". Dr.R.C Shah can be contacted at 24082531/ 9769082137. This is part of the HELP Talk series at HELP, Health Education Library for People, the worlds largest free patient education library

Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication and self expression consisting of hand gestures and finger postures. They retain the efficacy of the spoken word. It is an external expression of inner resolve, suggesting that such non verbal communications are more powerful than the spoken word.
In Yoga mudras denote the finger and hand gestures and movements used in the performance of dances, rituals and rites and while engaging in spiritual
exercises such as meditation. Mudras symbolically express inner feelings and inner psychological states. They also generate various qualities such as
fearlessness, power, charity and peace in the practitioner and to on-lookers.

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