Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HELP TALKS - Mrs. Ratna Khemani on Creating A Positive Atmosphere At Home

This video is a talk by Mrs.Ratna Khemani at HELP on 27th June, 11. Topic "Creating A Positive Atmosphere At Home".Mrs.Ratna Khemani can be contacted at 9423886836/ 020 25851976.This is part of the HELP Talk series at HELP,Health Education Library for People, the worlds largest free patient education library www.healthlibrary.com

Your thoughts and feelings create your attitude, and the sort and frequency of the mental and emotional vibrations that you transmit from your mind, andwhich create the atmosphere around you. People who are in your proximity sense this atmosphere and are affected by it. This atmosphere also determines their attitude toward you.In this Video Mrs.Ratna Khemani has given some tips in creating a positive atmosphere: -
Do your best to stay positive under all circumstances and in all situations.
This might not be easy, and requires constant trying.
Focus your mind moreattentively on what you are doing. This will train your mind to transmit more powerful vibrations.

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