Monday, June 1, 2009

The Hormone Headache - Book Review

This book provides insight into the whys, hows, and what-can be-done of migraine, tension, and food related headaches. The author offers step by step information through headache pain and its causes by explaining how hormones work and what they do, how to prevent and treat headaches with the latest drug therapies, and how diet, exercise and other no drug therapies can lead to long-term relief.

Author : Seymour Diamond, Bill Still & Cynthia Still

Publisher : Macmillan

No. Of Pages : 219

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Health Expert said...

Hi, Worthful content. Thanks a lot. Please keep the below tips for good health..

- move more (get up and clean, organize, walk, exercise)
- drink lots of water (alteast 2 lts a day)
- sleep (well) at the same time every night
- eat more vegetables and fruit
- don't eat dessert after EVERY meal and make sure it's small

Check for more health related tips and advise.