Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love Your Heart - Book Review

This is an unique patient-guide imparting the most up to date information on every aspect of coronary artery disease, and how to go about preventing and treating it. This book helps to comprehend heart disease, prepare for the various tests doctors perform, understand coronary angiography and angioplasty, learn to cope with a heart attack, speed recovery after coronary bypass surgery & lead a heart-healthy life style.

Author : Dr. Vivek K. Mehan

Publisher : Productivity Services International

Year Of Publication : 2002

No. Of Pages : 111

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Health Expert said...

Hi, Worthful content and I have a plan to buy this book. Thanks a lot. Please keep the below tips for good health..

- move more (get up and clean, organize, walk, exercise)
- drink lots of water (alteast 2 lts a day)
- sleep (well) at the same time every night
- eat more vegetables and fruit
- don't eat dessert after EVERY meal and make sure it's small

Check for more health related tips and advise.