Friday, July 1, 2011

Doctors' Day - Acknowledging the work of our Founders

July 1 is Doctor's Day in India. Doctor's Day is celebrated to remember the valuable services of medicos to human kind and express our gratitude for the dedication and sacrifice of the messengers of life and health.

Patient education is foremost in the mind of our Founders (of Health Education Library for People) Dr.Aniruddha Malpani and Dr.Anjali Malpani. Their complete dedication towards providing Information Therapy i.e. good quality information to not only their patients but to the general public is awe inspiring.

From being involved in strategic planning of the Library's activities to finding the time and having patience to ensure that each visitor to the Library receives good quality information at the right time has been their unending passion.

The staff and all users of Health Education Library for People wish you both a very Happy Doctors' Day and the strength to move forward and continue to be successful in your mission.

Some guest posts by our users and visitors:

Kavita Sahri: Appreciate the effort of starting a library of this kind, wish it well and hope it is well attended.

Dr. Honjon Perme: Wonderful to see so many collection of books on health information. Thank you.

Dr. Akhil Sangal: Wonderful work, Excellent, Initiative.

Sir Muir Gray (Director,NHS, U.K.): This is a wonderful service.

Kalyanidevi: Extremely helpful for mankind. Great service.

Dr. Vikas Makhija: Really nice to see a public library dedicates to health only. Great!!

Dr. Jadhav : Helpful for public as community health guide.

P. K. Rao: This visit opened our eyes & tells us how a single thought and goal can translate into a fantastic resource.

Dr. Hemant Borkar : Fantastic! I'm very impressed. May be H.E.L.P. acronym should be He (Dr. Malpani) who has Envisioned Life's Priorities. Thank you, guys!

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