Thursday, July 14, 2011

Patient Community Meeting - 9th July 2011 - How to research your medical problem

ANNOUNCEMENT: Those of you who are interested in sharing your views/patient stories at the next meeting to be held on Saturday, 20th August'11 (2nd Saturday being a public holiday) please email us your name, contact details and topic. We will schedule one patient story each month.

Dear Patient Community Members,

Following are points of discussion and url links of the video recording of The Patient Community @ HELP – Meeting held on 9th July, 2011

Patient Story: Mr.Hosi Daruwala shared his experience on helping poor and needy cancer patients. Funding for cancer treatment is a major constraint in getting good treatment. He explained the procedure needed to be followed when applying to charitable trusts. It is important that the patients receive timely help. Mr.Daruwala also gave tips on how to make wheat grass juice at home as he believes that wheat grass juice helps one’s system to cope with the high doses of medication.

The patient story session was followed by a presentation by HELP Library on How To Research Your Medical Problem. It was agreed by all that books are the best source of information for looking up your medical problems and a medical/health library are a great places to have access to encyclopedia and books. In addition to books, libraries and internet, the media like newspapers, television and radio channels can be important sources of information – especially for general health problems. For need-based information the internet has now become an important source of information. The members expressed concern on how can the poor have access to internet? The solution comes in the form of hospitals and doctors making an effort to provide evidence-based and researched information available on their website. Their patients can have access to information and at the same time the hospital derives good will for having been able to provide this information.

We also discussed how incorporating Information Prescription and a Patient Education Center in each hospital into the system of providing good quality treatment will go a long way in developing a healthy doctor-patient relationship.

We also discussed the importance of one’s doctor’s contribution in providing high quality treatment. This will always remain the best source of information – if only the doctors had more time !

Click here to read up details on How To Research Your Medical Problem – a chapter from How To Get The Best Medical Care by Dr.Aniruddha Malpani and Dr.Anjali Malpani.

Click here to download the presentation: How To Research Your Medical Problem.

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