Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HELP TALKS - Dr.Muneerah Kuraishi on Food For Hair Loss

This video is a talk by Dr.Muneerah Kuraishi Mehta at HELP on 6th July, 11. Topic "Food For Hair Loss". Dr. Muneerah Kuraishi can be contacted at 9322263489/ 9224531106 .This is part of the HELP Talk series at HELP,Health Education Library for People, the worlds largest free patient education library www.healthlibrary.com

Alopecia is the medical or technical name for hair loss. The loss of hair can occur on the scalp or on any part of the body that normally has hair.Dr.Muneerah Kuraishi in this video has given us the reason for hair loss,also she has told about foods to avoid hair loss,foods that cause hair loss foods that prevent hair loss,foods that promote hair growth,how diet affects hair loss etc...

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