Monday, August 4, 2008

When a loved one has a psychiatric disorder- living with the challenge!

Manav Foundation

It is said very rightly, that the mind rules the body...Indeed, it is heart rending to imagine then, what is life like for patients, afflicted with a psychiatric disorder, and more so for their loved ones.
We at HELP have always tried to support a cause for those considerate enough to help such individuals, which is why we invited Binaifer, from Manav Foundation, to tell us from their numerous experiences, how it feels when someone you love, has a Psychiatric disorder, and what strength it takes to not give up on them. Right from understanding and accepting it as a medical disorder, to not blaming oneself or the patient for the quiet suffering they go through, we discussed many more important social issues. It is only through seminars like these, can we join hands to make a difference to their world. Probably, if they are at least given a respectable place in society, it will go a long way in helping them realize that they are not abnormal or just crazy, but just ill in a different way...

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