Thursday, August 21, 2008

A day at HELP

Its been nearly two years I am associated with HELP. I am particularly assigned the entrance welcome desk.My job is to greet the visitors and take them on a guided tour of the library. In the process, I came across several visitors.This is indeed a different and unique experience with every visitor.

There are a few of the regular visitors to the library who are addicted readers and cannot resist spending time at the library. One day away from the library and they feel something missing.The library has positive vibes or vibrations which draws them towards it according to them. Since it is centrally located air conditioned library the readers can thus relax and spend their leisure hours constructively.

One such case, was that of a young gentleman whom I came across. He was in a very troubled state of mind. He hailed from a middle class family and was undergoing a psychiatrist treatment.He was being financially exploited by his psychiatrist and did not know the exact condition he was suffering from. Also his illness was wrongly diagnosed by his psychiatrist and at the same time could'nt afford the mounting expenditure of his illness and its medications. At last he could see light at the end of the talk tunnel. Our HELP attendant treated him as a king. And therefore ultimately he experienced solace with the books.

Another case which I came across was that of an old gentleman. While passing by, he incidentally discovered our library.He had been wandering all these years looking for answers.For the retired gentleman, this place was heaven where he could kill time and effectively utilise his time.The library is the hub of all health activities i.e. where we offer free talks for all. In his case, he was being troubled by his wife and children. But the books proved to him as his best friends. He was truly fascinated with the Complementary Therapy Section.Today, he not only guides others but also does counselling. The library is thus his"Peace of Mind".

Aarti Bhagat,
HELP Librarian

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