Monday, August 4, 2008

Emergency Dial 1298- Now Help is at hand!

Kudos to the new HELP- line for Mumbai ! 1298 is the number everybody should be storing in the speed dials of their mobiles, so you are never far from a hospital when you need it the most... We were very impressed by this unique ambulance service started in Mumbai, and we had to help them spread the message when we invited them to HELP. Mr. Chris Walker opened our eyes to the situations that none of us would ever wish to be in, when they had rushed cardiac victims, accident cases to hospitals saving precious lives. It is well known how difficult it is to make it in time to any place in Mumbai with the traffic, so how does an ambulance manage to make it in time either? With intelligent GPS monitoring and stationing their vans outside railways, and other accident prone sites, having a direct dial number- yes, 1298 is a direct dial from mobiles too, these saviors are trying to do their best to at least give victims a good chance to survive... HELP salutes this noble service and we will always be proud to be associated with such organizations who are striving to do their bit for society through their efforts...

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