Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My experience as a part of HELP.

I am truly proud , that I am a part of this unique organization.
Our's is the World's Largest Free Health Education center for people. It is our Mentor's initiative and farsightedness which has led to the establishing of this vast informative organization.

Today, patient education and awareness of health plays a significant and vital role. The common layman has every right of being well informed regarding his health. A well informed patient is a boon for himself and paves the way for many others as well, in the field of information. Therefore, come, discover what you are made of, the complex anatomy and working of your system created by Almighty, the function of your vital organs, the symptoms, the remedies, the treatment, as well as the ill effects of various illnesses. This is what we are for. The library not only boosts up the confidence of the layman, but also makes him aware of various alternatives, treatments thus making him stand tall amongst the others.

Our founder has a vision and I and the HELP Team are working towards accomplishing it.Patient education will gradually gain momentum and we see a new India, well informed, educative and self reliant. We also hope of establishing several centers elsewhere also.So do join us.Lets eradicate ignorance which is the root cause of all helplessness. Be well informed, face your doctor with confidence, discuss with him the pros and cons of your treatment, the various alternatives available etc. Thus help, HELP achieve what was once impossible and which would lead to better doctor and patient relationship.

I begin my day, everyday as it comes. Our team at HELP thus realizes that we are there to reach out and help every person who arrives at HELP looking for answers.At he end of the day there is contentment that we have contributed our bit. Let's take the pledge today, that we will stand proudly and serve selflessly towards building a new India and educate every patient who steps at HELP.

I myself went through certain books on Psychology and self help books. I could read very little.But the little bit of what I read brought about tremendous positive transitions in my life. So do come explore, and discover yourself as I did... Our purpose is to empower patients and we are working towards it. The common layman has knowledge as his weapon.Thus let Almighty give all the strength and equip us with what is required, in building a better tomorrow for all patients.

--A first hand account, by Miss. Aarti Bhagat from the HELP team.

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