Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Learning to Live well with a chronic illness

Illness is the night side of life -Sontag .

In some ways, living with chronic illness is very much like being trapped in a maze - you're never quite certain what lies ahead of you; so, it's easy to lose your perspective. You wander the same path over and over again - totally lost and bewildered. You appear to be alone with no one to show you the way out. There are many questions, but few answers. Which is the most effective treatment ? Who are the best doctors ? What options can be utilized so that the way out can be found ? You need to find your own path, and confronting your illness is a process that must be worked through . This process takes time and effort. If you live with a chronic condition, how you view the path you're on and decide to manage your day-to-day situations can greatly affect your quality of your life.

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