Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google: Health Speaks

This event is regarding's( health team currently working on a project that is exploring ways to increase the quantity of high-quality health information online, particularly in languages other than English.

One way that we are working on this is through the creation of a community of volunteer health translators who will translate high-quality Wikipedia health articles from English to other languages, including Hindi. (The other two languages we are currently focusing on our Arabic and Swahili.)

We are reaching out to Medical/Nursing/Public Health Professors & Students, Health NGOs and Medical Professional Associations to help build this community of volunteer health translators. We will hold trainings & events and have online training available to facilitate the community.

We have selected roughly 500 articles that are on important health topics and are of high quality. We've also excluded topics that already have good Wikipedia articles in Hindi. To facilitate the translation of these articles, Google has a tool, Google Translator Toolkit.

We'd really appreciate some support from the Hindi Wikipedia community in our endeavors to build the community of volunteer health translators - they could volunteer themselves or direct people to us who they think are passionate about the language.

You could be very helpful if you could spread the message to others interested.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information

Thanks and Regards

Sridhar V
QA and Ops Lead
Google India -Hyderabad

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