Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to take control over your chronic illness

Adjustments need to be made to your daily routine to take control over chronic illness. These include:

Taking medications regularly : Follow your doctor's instructions carefully on how and when to take your medications. Stay in close contact with your doctor, especially when you start taking a new medicine, so that you can let him know how your symptoms are affected and what side effects you experience.

Eating properly : Depending on your illness, you may need to avoid some types of food and incorporate others in your diet. In addition, consult your doctor about determining a healthful weight and ways to achieve that objective.

Exercising regularly : Appropriate exercise, as prescribed by your doctor, is a vital tool in managing chronic illness. Regular exercise can improve your strength and energy levels, as well as self-confidence. Such activity can also play a role in lessening the anxiety and depression, which is often associated with a chronic illness.

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