Saturday, January 31, 2009

HELP TALKS- Dr. Nishit Shah on "Sinusitis- Know what it is and How it is treatable"

This video is a talk conducted by Dr. Nishit Shah at HELP on 21st January' 09 : topic - "Sinusitis- Know what it is and How it is treatable"

Dr Nishit J Shah is an ENT Surgeon, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

He has Conducted workshops on Endoscopic Sinus and skull base surgery all over the country.

Also Numerous Lectures on Sinusitis and advanced endoscopic surgeries in India and abroad

Conducted 1st live surgery workshop on Balloon Sinuplasty in Mumbai

President – AOI (Mumbai) 2001- 2002.

Governing body member - All India Rhinology Society.

Sinusitis is defined as inflammation of the sinuses, but is used loosely (by the lay person) to mean anything from headache and cold to nasal obstruction. It occurs usually due to infection from the nose and could be bacterial, viral or fungal. The treatment for acute sinusitis is medical, but when it is chronic and unresponsive to medical treatment, then the option is endoscopic sinus surgery. In the past, and probably even today, sinus surgery did not have a great reputation and the majority of patients would be symptomatic after surgery. But the understanding of sinusitis and it's treatment has changed considerably in the last 15 years and today- with endoscopic surgery, the approach is more physiological, the surgery less radical and the results significantly better. Investigations such as CT scan and diagnostic nasal endoscopy have helped to differentiate cases for surgery against those who would do very well with medical treatment. We will discuss the aetiology, diagnosis, treatment and complications of sinusitis.

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