Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ways to reduce stress in your life

Ways to reduce stress in your life

1. Exercise regularly

Stress occurs whenever there is a life change upsetting your equilibrium. The key to find balance so that your level of daily stress is stimulating but manageable. Exercise is known to reduce stress and relieve tension. Studies indicate that exercise reduces feelings of anxiety, depression and hostility associated with high levels of stress. There are physiological explanations for these positive effects of exercise.

2. Face problems with a positive attitude

Psychological studies confirm that optimists suffer fewer physical signs of stress than pessimists.Your predisposition toward optimism or pessimism will determine how many unnecessary stress reactions you experience in your lifetime. If you are an optimist, who believes you can make a difference in the world, you will not simply accept difficult circumstances.

3.Resolve ongoing conflicts

Stress is the perception of danger or a reaction to changing circumstances.Conflict creates stress because you must fight to win an ongoing battle. If you have internal conflicts that are unresolved, you must continually battle against yourself.If ongoing conflicts are a part of your relationships at home or work, you must live on the defensive.Whether the ongoing conflicts are internal or external, at home or at work, resolving them will significantly reduce daily stress.

4. Manage your time

Planning to structure your time wisely can help you deal effectively with stress as it comes your way. To keep your stress level manageable, you need a routine schedule for each day, even if you dont stick to it exactly.Having a structured schedule will keep you moving when you need to move and free you up to rest when you might otherwise push yourself to exhaustion.

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