Wednesday, September 10, 2008


September 2008.

Visitor's Name: VIKRANT.

"I am the member of the HELP Library and always find interesting programmes organized here. Very happy to be a member."

Visitor's Name: PURNIMA POOJARI.

"Very knowledgeable books, that keeps you updated through your Seminars. I am also very happy with the large collection of books found here."

Visitor's Name: K.KOCHHAR.

"A beautiful idea to help mankind. Would like to help to spread this awareness. THANKS A MILLION!!"

Visitor's Name: RAJIV BHANSAL.

"Congratulations for doing such wonderful service for the society. Great collection of books useful for all. Very informative Lectures & Talks and above all a very Helpful, Ever Smiling and Courteous staff. Feels great to come and spend time at the library."

Visitor's Name: Mehrangiz Press.

"At HELP I have finally found several wonderful books that I have always wanted to read but never come across. I would particularly like to commend on your 'Mental Health' collection, which is a rare and essential read for the person on both sides of the therapy table."

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