Saturday, September 13, 2008

MD Consult

MD Consult brings the leading medical resources together into one integrated online service to help doctors efficiently find answers to pressing clinical questions and make better treatment decisions

The site thus allows doctors access to the most uptodate medical information , so that they can provide the latest medical information for their patients. MDConsult can meet all information needed by doctors!

MD Consult Subscription

1. This subscription entitles to a ONE year usage period from the time you successfully register.
2. This subscription is for use by STRICTLY ONLY A SINGLE USER.
3. The rates for the same are as follows:
For a Doctor paying directly by himself for the subscription : Rs. 9995/-.
For a Doctor being gifted by an independent Pharmaceutical company : Rs. 9995/-.
For a Doctor who works for a Pharmaceutical company / a Corporate which will sponsor this subscription : Rs. 11,995/-.
Inorder to subscribe, please mail a Demand Draft, payable to Health education Library for People.
For a little over Rs. 25/- per day, you now have your own personal medical library, which is constantly updated, so you never need to buy another medical text book again in your life!

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