Saturday, September 6, 2008

Health Education now comes alive with DVDs made by P.E.A.S

Pictures speak a thousand words!
What better a form of learning can we have than interactive media? Colorful and moving animations that teach you how the Heart works.. or excellent graphics showing you how Laparascopy is done? Simplifying osteoporosis or Diabetes with actual videos? All this and many more...
A must have for children, schools, patients and even as corporate gifts in Hospitals..
This is the collection of DVDs on Patient Education Awareness series that you could find at HELP. The best part is that you could even buy these..
Have a look at the exhaustive list of titles available, that's not all, you can get a discount of 50% on all of them..
We also accept corporate orders, in combination with a copy of the best-seller "Healthwise Handbook"- For those interested, just send us an email at and we'll help you get the best deal..

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