Monday, December 13, 2010

Patience with your Doctor

Ultimately, you obviously want to know what the diagnosis is, so do not shirk from asking your doctor what he thinks is wrong with you. Surprisingly, many doctors are reluctant to give a name to a patient's problems, so that if you do not ask specifically, you may not get an answer. If you do not agree with the doctor's diagnosis, tell him so, because if you do not agree with it, you are unlikely to follow his advice and treatment. Often, your doctor may reply he does not know the diagnosis as yet. This response does not indicate that he is an incompetent physician; it may simply mean you have a difficult problem, for which more tests are needed. It could also mean that your doctor would like to 'wait and watch' to see how the problem evolves, or that he may need to refer you for a second opinion. Remember that doctors do not always have all the answers. You should be aware that reaching a diagnosis can be hard and sometimes it can take a long time to find out exactly what is wrong.

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