Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Healthy Community: One for All, All for One

No man is an island and just keeping oneself healthy is not enough. We all live in society, but most of us still neglect the importance of ensuring healthy surroundings, so that it's common to find a house which is clean and sparkling inside, with all the garbage tossed outside the door or window! However, all of us pay the price for dirty and unhygienic surroundings, as pernicious diseases such as cholera, malaria, typhoid fever and asthma flourish under filthy conditions. Ultimately, every locality needs to take action to keep its environment clean, and people need to realize that garbage and filth in the neighborhood threatens them directly in their own homes, through a proliferation of flies, cockroaches and mice. The need for preventive action outside the home (using garbage bins, keeping public toilets clean and keeping drains clear) is as important as preventive action inside the home (washing hands and feet thoroughly, washing vegetables properly, storing food safely, sweeping and swabbing the floor). It may be very difficult to organize the community, but if you do not, you may have to pay the price in the long run, by falling prey to a variety of diseases.

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