Friday, November 26, 2010

HELP & YosCare - Free Online Personal Health Record

Help Library in association with Yos Technologies offers you free PHR and Applications

What are online health records? Online Health Records is a collection of:

Your personal health information including blood group, allergies, etc
All your medical records including prescriptions, lab reports and more.

This information once stored into your PHR account, can be accessed anytime, anywhere using your mobile. You can also share this information electronically with your healthcare providers - doctors, hospitals, etc.

Why does one need online health records?

Help your doctor help you !

For people who are always busy. Keeping track of all their records, and remembering each of their appointments on paper is difficult.

Having all your important medical records stored electronically is a central location, ensuring that the records are up-to-date, and having them readily available when needed makes the doctor’s job easier, more error free and safer for your overall care.

With YosCare, your health records are secure, permanent and available anytime, anywhere to be shared with your doctor.

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