Thursday, November 11, 2010

The connection between health and cleanliness

The connection between health and cleanliness had been recognized and respected even in ancient India.

In order to remain healthy, a community must ensure the following:

* A regular supply of clean drinking water.
* Enough water for cleaning, bathing and washing clothes as well as for flushing toilets.
* Safe garbage disposal.
* Safe sanitation facilities.
* Clean pure air to breathe.

Unfortunately, virtually all over India, especially in the cities, the foregoing basic requirements are becoming the exception rather than the norm. While political action is needed to ensure that the government supplies these basic amenities, there is little concerted action taken by most citizens, with the result that the situation is likely to deteriorate from bad to worse. Taking care of the environment is a key part of remaining healthy, and if the community is not healthy, it is difficult for an individual to remain healthy.

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