Friday, November 12, 2010

Developments for a healthy environment

A promising recent development is the fact that builders are realizing the importance of providing a healthy environment and many of them are now developing self-contained mini-townships, which provide all basic amenities within their four walls. These townships can be healthy places to live and bring up a family in, since they provide several essential features such as:

1. lots of open space to play in
2. clubs and gymnasiums to remain fit and healthy
3. shopping arcades
4. food markets
5. chemists' shops
6. Clinics and hospitals

However, while the quality of life is excellent for the residents of these townships, who form a privileged minority, what about the rest of the citizens? After all, if your domestic help and his/her family are going to live amidst filth, it's likely they will be afflicted by infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and typhoid, which they could then transmit to you and your family. In the final analysis, this is a problem which affects all of us and we simply cannot afford to turn a blind eye to it! However, since it is a public health problem, we are usually content to let the government tackle it - which it fails to do in its usual characteristic fashion!

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