Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before You Call the Doctor

Before You Call the Doctor – Book Review

This book is a guide providing safe self – care for over 300 common medical problems. It is a must for those interested in taking charge of their own health. It covers the essentials of home care for hundreds of ailments, from serious illness such as heart failure and emphysema to everyday maladies such as colds and constipation. Each entry explains the disorder, lists the effective at – home treatments, identifies when you should see your doctor and highlights those sign and symptoms that warrant immediate professional treatment. It also covers first aid for common medical emergencies, seven keys to optimal health, men’s and women’s health issues, how to stock your medical cabinet, maintain a family health record and much more. Before You Call the Doctor helps you to be an informed participant in your own medical well being instead of being a passive consumer.

Author: Anne Simons

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Date of Publishing: 1992

No. Of Pages: 688

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