Friday, July 27, 2012

Invitation to Promote Your NGO: Health Literacy@HELP

Health Education Library for People (HELP) invites you to be a part of the health literacy campaign.  If you think your NGO is in anyway involved in creating awareness on health related matters or directly working towards improving health literacy then this forum is meant just for you.  Be a part of the 2 month long pre-conference activities.We would love to know more about your work in this direction.  

For this purpose, HELP will be organizing talks by such reputed organizations like yours.  You may send your representative to give a short presentation on the kind of work your NGO does or is planning to do in future which will help in improving health literacy.

Your talk will be for an approximate duration of 1 hour.  We will video record the talk and put it up on your page on our website.  All our readers (around 12,000) will be intimated to attend your talk.  These pre-conference talks will be scheduled during the second half of September'12 and October'12.  In November'12 we will hold an E-poster competition in which you may send in your entries.  We will send you separate guidelines on this.

A little more about our plans.....

Putting Patients First Through Health Literacy  conference has been scheduled for Sunday, 2 December'12 at Nehru Center at 10.30a.m. to 1.00p.m. 

The conference will be followed by a health literacy workshop in the afternoon. Helen Osborne, President, Health Literacy Consultant from US has been invited to conduct this workshop. There are only 10 seats reserved for NGOs.  Other seats will be filled in by participating doctors and people from the healthcare industry.

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